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Italian Wine in Beijing

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome, 26.11.2018, 15:18 Uhr
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Rome [ENA] Italy is the first producer and exporter of wines in the world. In many markets, such as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, Italy takes a leading position in export in terms of quantity and volume. Italy’s 6000-year-old wine production tradition is celebrated through the success stories of the best Italian winemakers. This is the focus of the Week of Italian Cuisine in Beijing,

where the Italian Embassy organized several initiatives to celebrate Italy’s ‘organic farming’ culture and the extraordinary capacity of Italian wine producers to join tradition and innovation. Chinese consumers seem not so familiar with Italian wines. But with a growing middle-class, China has increasing numbers of consumers who are chasing high-quality lifestyles, and the consumption of imported wines has become more widespread in China. In the first half of 2017, China imported a total of 0.34 billion liters of wines, increasing 12.66 percent year-on-year. Of that total, China imported 0.25 billion liters of bottled wines, jumping 13.93 percent year-on-year, according to data from the General Administration of Customs.

In the first six months of 2017, Italian wines accounted for 5.9 percent of the market share in China among imported wines, higher than the 5.1 percent in the same period last year. Indeed, China has become Italy’s largest red wine market (accounting for 17.4 million hectolitres a year compared to 12.5 million in the USA) and red wine sales have more than trebled during the last ten years. In particular, Italian exports have significantly grown and recorded a 29% rise last year to a historic high of 130 million euros in trade volumes. But as Italy promotes its wines, it may not be long before Chinese consumers list the exotic Italian wines. Italy has some 400 different qualities of grapes, and some 800 different kinds of wines.

It's possibble to be optimistic on the growth potential of Italian wines in China because Italian wines combine top quality with very affordable prices, which makes it excellent value for money. Consequently, the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World organized wine tasting events and thematic evenings but also Italian musical events featuring Chinese musicians and 'blind tasting' contests.

In particular, the “Three Wine Glasses” event that is annually organized by the Gambero Rosso culinary club in association with the Italian Embassy and the ICE Agency, presented the new "Vini d'Italia" handbook in Chinese and awarded prizes to the best Italian restaurants in Beijing, which were attributed the prestigious Gambero Rosso recognition of best representatives of Italian cuisine.

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